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Repairs of Gildemeister Lathes, specialisation in the area of Electrical and electronics

All types of controls - also older, CNC-controls such as PC based, for example:

Fanuc T/TS - EPL - EP

Cost-free consultation by telephone

Service on the spot -

I can guarantee that I will find a solution to your machine problem

You only pay for success!


Here you will see a small selection of Gildemeister machines that I service

CTX 400 E

CT60 EPL 2

GAC 65


CTX 600 E

CT40 EPL 2

NEF 560 EPL1

CTX 400 EPL 2.2

CT40 EPL 1


Other machine types  
  CTX  500 with GILDEMEISTER or Heidenhain control
NEF 280, 360, 480, 660, 840, 1020 with Fanuc Mate L/T
   NEF 280, 400, 560, 710, 840, 1020 with Fanuc Mate TS  und EPL
CT 40 and CT 60 and N.E.F. with Fanuc TC oder Siemens 810
GD lathes with Fanuc control


  Furthermore, for almost all Gildemeister machines I have

feed drive motors and main spindle motors

 as parts exchange


and  repair your defective motors.


Also motors of other machine manufacturers



Also, I can deliver flat screens for almost all machines types as a replacement for your monitors. 


Simply call on +49 172-5205-460


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